PET Laminating film

PET laminating film is high gloss and transparency material
Film has excellent electric insulation, moisture proof, thermal and chemical resistance
From printing field to industry field, PET laminating film can applied various fields.

Product and Distinct


1. Gloss PET laminating roll film

Gloss laminating film has high gloss and transparency .

Film present excellent color representation.


2. Matt PET laminating roll film

Matt laminating film doesn’t have distortion of image caused by reflected light.

Film present excusive effect on the print media.

New matt film has scratch resistance.


3. Coated matt PET laminating roll film

Coated matt lamianting film can adjust matt effects by customers request (Adjust Haze and Transmittance)


4. Color laminating film

Color laminating film can presnet to special effect on the print media.

Film can present color in the Panton color matching system

Color : Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Etc

Patterned color print available (Stripe, cross stripe and etc)

PET Basic laminting film

5. Digital-Basic laminating film

Provide resonable adhesion for digital print media.

Film is suitable for Inkjet type digital print media.

Digital – Basic laminaitng film can use to high speed offset lamination.


6. Digital-Standard laminating film

Provide reasonable adhesion for digital print media.

Film is suitable for Inkjet type digital print media.


7. Digital-Premium laminating film

Provide perfect adhesion for digital print media.

Film is suitable for Toner type digital print media.

Digital-Premium, Standard, Basic laminating film Validate for HP , Konika-Minolta, Xerox, Heidelberg Digital Print media.


  • Printing field

    Lamination for Photo, Brochures,
    Name card, Documents

  • Industry field

    Applied to various industrial fields such as
    electricity, electronics, architecture, machinery

Production Specification

PET Laminating roll film
Base film PET film
Adhesive EVA, PE, Digital-Lite bond, Digital-bond, Pemium Digital bond
Type Gloss, Matt, Coated matt, Color and Patterned Coating
Thickness 20㎛ ~ 250㎛
Length 100m ~ 3000m, 3000m ~ 6000m (Jumbo roll only)
Corona treatment 48 ~ 50 dyne/cm (EVA side), 43 dyne/cm (PET side, None corona treatment)
Core 1” (25mm), 2 ¼” (58mm), 3”(76mm), 6” (152mm, Jumbo roll only)