Pouch Laminating film


PET Pouch laminating film

– Protect printing media (Photo, documents and etc).
– Easy to both side lamination.

BOPP Pouch laminating film

– Protect printing media (Photo, documents and etc).
– recyclable after lamination.
– Soft and flexible film.

Product and Distinct

Gloss (PET, BOPP) : Gloss laminating film has high gloss and transparency. Film can present excellent color representation.
Matt (PET, BOPP) : Matt laminating film doesn’t have distortion of image caused by reflected light. Film can present excusive effect on the print media.
Printing Matt (PET) : Adjust matt effects by customers request, (Adjust Haze and Transmittance).
Digital Basic, Standard, Premium (PET, BOPP) : Special film for digital printing media. Film can provide perfect adhesion for digital print media.
Color and Pattern (PET) : Color and Patterned laminating film can presnet to special effect on the print media.
Sticky Back (PET) : After lamination, Stick on the any surface (Metal, Wood, glass, etc).
White opaque (PET) : Both side laminating film.


Sticky back laminating film

PSA : Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


White opaque film

Both side laminating film

Production Specification

Pouch laminating film
Adhesive PE, EVA, Digital-bond, Premium digital-bond
Base film PET, BOPP FILM
Type PET Pouch Laminating film : Gloss, Matt, Printing matt, Color and pattern printing
BOPP Pouch Laminating film : Gloss, Matt
Thickness PET Pouch Laminating film : 50㎛ ~ 250㎛
BOPP Pouch Laminating film : 80㎛ ~ 125㎛
Standard ISO (A,B,C Serise), ANSI (A~E Size)
Product Gloss, Matt, Single side Matt, Digital standard, Digital premium. Color and Pattern, Sticky back, White opaque

※Special size can be available.